The Ladies

Kaitlyn A. Frolich
President, Event Architect

A combined love of hospitality and design led me to a career in interior design. As a graduate of the Boston Architectural College, my focus quickly became hospitality design. I was fortunate to work on teams designing some amazing spaces both locally and abroad. However something was missing. I missed the hands-on aspect that I loved when working in hospitality. I satisfied that need by hosting parties and events in my Providence apartment. Over the years I found myself being asked more and more to orchestrate events for non-profits and friends. I loved it!

I was then asked to join the team of a private social club on the East Side of Providence where I developed their in-house event design offerings for their members and guests. I found that event design and coordination combined all the things I loved most; design, working with people and vendors, the hands-on excitement of the day of set up and the most important part, being there to witness the joy on the faces of all the guests and my clients. I love being a part of the process and knowing that I helped create the memories that will be with my clients forever. Its truly an honor.

Outside of KAE I sit on the board for the VETS Foundation and am co-chairing the Providence Preservation Society 2016 Bash and 60th Anniversary, event coordinator and committee member for LRI, event committee for HHCRI, event committee for Project Undercover, and was the event coordinator for the first Ocean State Oyster Festival in September of 2015.


Alison Greene

Director of Marketing & Sales

Opening scene of the movie 27 Dresses- 10 year old little girl helps bride in crisis mode to save the day… I am that 10 year old girl. My first wedding experience was at Rosecliff mansion for good friends of my parents. I was the “bride’s little helper”. I grabbed her water, helped her put on her shoes, and held her gorgeous cathedral veil as she walked down the aisle. It was an incredible experience that I will never forget. From that day, I decided that I wanted to work in events. I knew I wanted to be that person that the bride/groom/client needed to rely on to get the job done.

Fast forward 20 years and here I am… working a dream job with a great friend. From working large events where I am in charge of 30 volunteers to smaller, more intimate events working as a second pair of hands, I have done it all.

Outside of events, you can find me enjoying a craft beer with my husband, binge watching Netflix on the couch with my dog, or out on the bike path enjoying our little state.