Barnaby Castle... A First Look

What have the gals with Kaitlyn Alyece Event Architects been up to? Living the dream with helping to restore one of the west side’s not so hidden gems, Barnaby Castle. If you haven’t heard, this classic example of a Providence Victorian home is located on the heart of Broadway (in between the Columbus theater and Julian’s Restaurant). Exciting things are happening and two Saturday's ago on a gorgeous winter day, we partnered up with Doors Open RI for tours of the castle!


Doors Open RI is a fantastic non-profit that is cracking open the doors to exclusive properties around our great little state. Their mission is to get the real story of well-known mysteries behind of some of the coolest properties around town. 324 spectators and over 15 volunteers came out for the first open tour on the inside of the castle.

Not only did guests get to tour the whole first floor as well as the stairwell to the second floor, but they had a chance to help solve a mysterious murder! The owner and builder of the home, Jerothmul Barnaby’s wife, Josephine Barnaby curiously died while vacationing in Colorado with a friend. The cause of the death? Poison from a whiskey that was sent in the mail. But who did it? That’s what the folks touring the castle got to vote on. Six different volunteers represented six possible culprits. At the end of tour, everyone voted who they thought killed Mrs. Barnaby. Along with the murder mystery, guests could sample some great whiskey’s from around the world courtesy of Bottles Fine Wine.

                One of the most frequent questions guests asked was, “so what are the plans for the castle?”. Kaitlyn and Alison were on site to help explain the future of the castle’s fate. The first floor (a total of 3 rooms and the solarium) will become Providence’s newest venue hosting cocktail, showers, meetings, corporate events, private dinners, and more! We recently hosted the PVD Lady Project’s holiday gala as well as some special birthday parties. We first opened the castle up to headline the house tour with the West Broadway Neighborhood Association (WBNA) in 2014. Folks got first glimpse of the home in decades. Then, we partnered with the WBNA again for their holiday tour. Over 200 guests came to see the transformation thus far. So far for 2017, we have some great events in the works and many inquiries coming our way and we could not be more thrilled. Dates are booking well in in to 2018! So, if you’d like a unique and special venue, give us a call today and we would be happy to help you plan your next event!

The dining room that can accommodate a variety of different activities... and yes, that is the original wood throughout the room :-) 

Photo credit goes to the very talented Christian from Design Imaging Studios



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