Color Combos that will give your event that WOW factor.

A blog by Alison Greene:

If you have been to more than one wedding in the past year, there is a good chance that one of those weddings had “neutral color” scheme. Soft pinks, champagne, cream, and sage are super popular right now. Although we love the elegance of these colors, we are bold people and LOVE color (hello, look at our logo!). Here are some color schemes you may not have thought of, but totally gorgeous:

Teal and Fuchsia: Okay… so I may be a little partial to this color combo since it was my own. Originally my thought was green and lots of green (given that my new last name would be Greene)… but I thought that was a little corny. Plus, I was getting married on a Christmas tree farm, so my girls would have blended in to the natural beauty of the venue! So I started researching green-like colors and teal was one of them. And I’ve been in love ever since. The teal bridesmaids’ dresses look great on every skin tone from the fairest of ivory to the richest exotic tones. It is a very flattering color. And I chose fuchsia to add more color to my already green venue. There are many different ways to create this magical combo to make your wedding bold and beautiful.

Navy and lime green: A neutral dark color with a fantastic POP. There are so many fun things to do with these colors. Lime green is an awesome accent that will make the room shine.  The great thing about these colors as well is you can add texture to your décor without over doing it. Adding a navy print linen on some of the tables and balance the others out with a solid color will make the room look open and inviting. This color isn’t just for the women either. Have you ever seen a navy blue tux? CE MAGNEFIC! (Our friends at Anthony’s House of Formals have navy blue tuxes in stock now!)

Plum and Sunflower yellow:

My best friend in the whole wide world is getting married in October in New Hampshire. I was so excited when she told me about her color combo of plum and sunflower yellow. Just like the navy and lime green color, there is so much you can do with this. There are tons of signature drinks that you can make that come out a plum color. Again, having a patterned table linen will not make this color combo stand out too much… but just enough. These colors are also a great for fall weddings. Most traditional fall weddings will have oranges, reds and yellows… this is a fun twist to use during that season.



Neutral Bold: Don’t get me wrong… some of the most elegant weddings I have ever seen have used neutral colors. It is a color pallet that isn’t going anywhere. Adding a splash of color will brighten up the room and give the space some flare. Here are some color combos that work well together:

Tan and Bright Red:

Grey and coral:

Gold with Shimmer:



Red and Sky Blue: The two colors have looked amazing together since the beginning of time. The red brings out the blue to make it pop! A color combo like this would be perfect for a beach style wedding that you want to add a little more flare to. And if you are the kind of person that doesn’t need everything to match, why not have the ‘maids in different dresses with different fabrics? Sky blue is one of those colors that everyone has a different interpretation of what color it actually is. Let the girls choose and see what they come up with. If you feel like you MUST match in some way, maybe have them have the same shoes and jewelry.

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