Barnaby Castle... A First Look

What have the gals with Kaitlyn Alyece Event Architects been up to? Living the dream with helping to restore one of the west side’s not so hidden gems, Barnaby Castle. If you haven’t heard, this classic example of a Providence Victorian home is located on the heart of Broadway (in between the Columbus theater and Julian’s Restaurant). Exciting things are happening and two Saturday's ago on a gorgeous winter day, we partnered up with Doors Open RI for tours of the castle!


Doors Open RI is a fantastic non-profit that is cracking open the doors to exclusive properties around our great little state. Their mission is to get the real story of well-known mysteries behind of some of the coolest properties around town. 324 spectators and over 15 volunteers came out for the first open tour on the inside of the castle.

Not only did guests get to tour the whole first floor as well as the stairwell to the second floor, but they had a chance to help solve a mysterious murder! The owner and builder of the home, Jerothmul Barnaby’s wife, Josephine Barnaby curiously died while vacationing in Colorado with a friend. The cause of the death? Poison from a whiskey that was sent in the mail. But who did it? That’s what the folks touring the castle got to vote on. Six different volunteers represented six possible culprits. At the end of tour, everyone voted who they thought killed Mrs. Barnaby. Along with the murder mystery, guests could sample some great whiskey’s from around the world courtesy of Bottles Fine Wine.

                One of the most frequent questions guests asked was, “so what are the plans for the castle?”. Kaitlyn and Alison were on site to help explain the future of the castle’s fate. The first floor (a total of 3 rooms and the solarium) will become Providence’s newest venue hosting cocktail, showers, meetings, corporate events, private dinners, and more! We recently hosted the PVD Lady Project’s holiday gala as well as some special birthday parties. We first opened the castle up to headline the house tour with the West Broadway Neighborhood Association (WBNA) in 2014. Folks got first glimpse of the home in decades. Then, we partnered with the WBNA again for their holiday tour. Over 200 guests came to see the transformation thus far. So far for 2017, we have some great events in the works and many inquiries coming our way and we could not be more thrilled. Dates are booking well in in to 2018! So, if you’d like a unique and special venue, give us a call today and we would be happy to help you plan your next event!

The dining room that can accommodate a variety of different activities... and yes, that is the original wood throughout the room :-) 

Photo credit goes to the very talented Christian from Design Imaging Studios



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Providence Preservation Society Winter Bash - Steampunk Soiree 2016

Oh what a night! 

I was honored to be asked to chair the PPS Winter Bash this past February and couldn't have had a better time! Armed with my fab co-chair Emily Greagori and the BEST COMMITTEE EVER, we took the Steel Yard by storm! We transformed the working steel yard into a Victorian, steampunk fantasy land. From fire dancers, costumed actors and aerialists, there was something impressive to see at each turn. The night was full of amazing energy, glitter falling from the sky, and the costumes, did I mention the costumes?! Providence came out in full effect that night. I could not have been prouder of my little city that night. Bravo Providence, bravo. 

I hope you enjoy the video I made thanks to the amazing images provided to us by Cat Laine, Frank Mullen and Chris Blaire. 


Color Combos that will give your event that WOW factor.

A blog by Alison Greene:

If you have been to more than one wedding in the past year, there is a good chance that one of those weddings had “neutral color” scheme. Soft pinks, champagne, cream, and sage are super popular right now. Although we love the elegance of these colors, we are bold people and LOVE color (hello, look at our logo!). Here are some color schemes you may not have thought of, but totally gorgeous:

Teal and Fuchsia: Okay… so I may be a little partial to this color combo since it was my own. Originally my thought was green and lots of green (given that my new last name would be Greene)… but I thought that was a little corny. Plus, I was getting married on a Christmas tree farm, so my girls would have blended in to the natural beauty of the venue! So I started researching green-like colors and teal was one of them. And I’ve been in love ever since. The teal bridesmaids’ dresses look great on every skin tone from the fairest of ivory to the richest exotic tones. It is a very flattering color. And I chose fuchsia to add more color to my already green venue. There are many different ways to create this magical combo to make your wedding bold and beautiful.

Navy and lime green: A neutral dark color with a fantastic POP. There are so many fun things to do with these colors. Lime green is an awesome accent that will make the room shine.  The great thing about these colors as well is you can add texture to your décor without over doing it. Adding a navy print linen on some of the tables and balance the others out with a solid color will make the room look open and inviting. This color isn’t just for the women either. Have you ever seen a navy blue tux? CE MAGNEFIC! (Our friends at Anthony’s House of Formals have navy blue tuxes in stock now!)

Plum and Sunflower yellow:

My best friend in the whole wide world is getting married in October in New Hampshire. I was so excited when she told me about her color combo of plum and sunflower yellow. Just like the navy and lime green color, there is so much you can do with this. There are tons of signature drinks that you can make that come out a plum color. Again, having a patterned table linen will not make this color combo stand out too much… but just enough. These colors are also a great for fall weddings. Most traditional fall weddings will have oranges, reds and yellows… this is a fun twist to use during that season.



Neutral Bold: Don’t get me wrong… some of the most elegant weddings I have ever seen have used neutral colors. It is a color pallet that isn’t going anywhere. Adding a splash of color will brighten up the room and give the space some flare. Here are some color combos that work well together:

Tan and Bright Red:

Grey and coral:

Gold with Shimmer:



Red and Sky Blue: The two colors have looked amazing together since the beginning of time. The red brings out the blue to make it pop! A color combo like this would be perfect for a beach style wedding that you want to add a little more flare to. And if you are the kind of person that doesn’t need everything to match, why not have the ‘maids in different dresses with different fabrics? Sky blue is one of those colors that everyone has a different interpretation of what color it actually is. Let the girls choose and see what they come up with. If you feel like you MUST match in some way, maybe have them have the same shoes and jewelry.

We want to hear about all the great color combos you are thinking for your wedding day. Give us a call at 401.617.4660 or shoot us an email at to learn more about how we can help you plan out one of the most important days of your life! 

Fabulous First Steps to Follow After Your Engagement

After family, friends and social media has been alerted of your engagement, there is so much to be done right after. Here are a few things that will help get the ball rolling!


1.       Get a manicure: 

Since you will be showing off your ring frequently following your engagement, go and get yourself a killer mani! You want to make sure your nails are as pretty as your new bling!  Ask your best friend to join you and make a day of it!

2.   Start a binder:

Organization is the key to pulling off a killer wedding. A simple three-ring binder can make a world of difference when organizing the wedding information. You are going to receive so many handouts and information from venues and wedding professionals. Creating tabs in the binder will keep everything neat and in one place. Start printing out ideas that you may like and keep them organized by category. This will help with the next step!


3.        Find your style:

Work with your fiancé to figure out what kind of statement you want to make on your day. Do you want it to be an elegant affair or a casual backyard wedding? Is it going to be a dance party or a mellow low-key soiree? This decision will help mold the rest of your day from the venue to the DJ to the decor. 

4.     Hire a wedding planner:

Wedding planners can be available to assist you every step of the way, or even just to tie up loose ends. Hiring someone with experience can mean the difference between a great wedding or a disaster.  Wedding planners have a great network of other wedding professionals and can help recommend services for your special day. Make sure to find someone who you click with since you will be working with them for the long haul. 

5.       Determine how your wedding will be funded

If you are paying for the wedding by yourself, start a wedding fund bank account. Put away a portion of your weekly pay to only be spent on the wedding. If someone else is paying for it, be very mindful when checking things off your list. If things get more expensive than originally planned, make sure to communicate properly with those responsible for the bill. Obviously, every wedding is different, and some things may be more important to you than others, so make the percentages your own. Here is an easy breakdown based on a typical wedding:

·         Reception: 40%

·         Honeymoon: 14.5%

·         Photography and videography: 10.5%

·         Wedding attire: 7%

·         Engagement rings and wedding bands: 6%

·         Flowers: 5%

·         Music: 5%

·         Invitations: 2%

·         Miscellaneous: 10%

6.      Pick a venue and date:

Pick a town or city that you are interested in. From there, look at the various venues that the town has to offer. Make sure to keep that budget in mind when looking at different venues.  Go on tours of each venue that fit your vision. If you have hired a wedding planner, bring them along with you. Most times, they have worked with that venue in the past and can give you some insider’s tips.



7.       Ask your bridesmaids/groomsmen to be in your wedding party.

You can go as big and extravagant as you want, or keep it simple. There are so many different ways to ask your friends to be in your bridal party (Click HERE to go to our Pinterest page to check out some more cute ideas). Do some research and have fun! One of the classics is to “propose” to your girls. Grab a cute box and put a ring pop and ask “will you be my bridesmaid?”. For the guys, personalized note with their favorite cigar is a sweet gesture!

bridesmaid 1.jpg

8.       Book your Engagement photo session:

Engagement photos can be a lot of fun! Most wedding photographers will have the option for an engagement photo session in their wedding packages. It will get you and your fiancé comfortable in front of the camera and ready for the big day.

9.       Go on a date with your Fiancé:

This time is all about you and your future spouse. Take time off from wedding discussion to relax and unwind. Get all dolled up and head to your favorite restaurant, or go see that new movie you’ve been dying to see, or simply go on a romantic walk through the park. Whatever you do, the most important thing is that you are spending time togethe

Starting the wedding planning early can help relieve some of the stress when you get closer to your actual wedding date. For more helpful hints, tips, and fun stuff… make sure to check out our Pinterest page by clicking HERE.

We want to hear all about your love story and proposal! Give us a call or shoot an email over to to learn more about how we can help you plan out one of the most important days of your life.